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Pet Poision Control Hotline


Pet Poison Control Hotline - Emergency Instructions. Did your dog or cat just eat something poisonous? Call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680 for help immediately! The sooner a dog poisoning or cat poisoning is diagnosed, the easier, less expensive, and safer it is for your pet to get treated! What to do if your dog or cat is poisoned... Read more

Adoption: Dog of the Month


My name is Barney. I am a 4 year old Dachshund male with a lot of energy. I have love to snuggle... especially on the couch watching TV. Please come by and see me.

Dog Licensing Requirements for Huntington, New York


New York State laws and city of Hunting, NY have laws and ordinances on the books requiring all dogs to be licensed.

Jan 4 2016
Warm Up Your Cold Winter Days... Adopt Today!

Warm up your cold Winter days by bringing the Love and warmth of a dog into your home. The Wings of Love Animal Rescue wants to place pets into the "Forever Homes". Make the choice today to adopt a dog! read more

Nov 28 2015
UPDATE: When the Love of Pets becomes HOARDING

When police officers arrived this summer at Milton Storage Systems they had no idea what they were about to discover. Authorities got a call the morning of Aug. 7 from the owner of Milton Storage claiming a tenant, Tommy “Ninja” Lee, had been living inside his unit along with his wheelchair-bound wife. The real shock, however, came when cops opened an adjacent unit and discovered nine malnourished dogs Lee and his wife had been hoarding for some time. Read more... read more

Jan 4 2016
Lyme Disease - Protect Your Family and Pets.

Lyme disease is a major concern in some parts of the United States. It is contagious to both dogs and people. Learn how to protect you family and pets this Spring, Summer, and Fall from this growing disease. read more

Dec 18 2015
Give the gift that keeps us helping. Donate Today!

Our goal is to place all of our dogs in their Forever Home. We need to make sure that all of their nutritional and medical needs are met. Help us with this financial burden by donating today! read more

WOLAR - Wings of Love Animal Rescue

The Wings of Love Animal Rescue (WOLAR) is dedicated to placing dogs of all ages in their “forever homes”.  We believe that man’s best friend should be loved; receive optimum veterinary care and nutrition; and ultimately live in a family home environment.